Thursday, July 1, 2021

The Corn Palace

 The Corn Palace is in Mitchell South Dakota. They see about 500,000 visitors annually. We were their yesterday followed by a visit to guess where, Walmart. The building is actually a basketball court and stage, looking much like any large high school. The building is decorated every year with corn. This is the third structure, two previous smaller buildings were constructed in the 1800's. The current building was constructed in 1919. To see the history, use the following link.

The first Corn Palace in 1892.

The seating has a capacity of 3200.

The basketball court is occupied by souvenir venders in the summer.

Murals are on the front of the building and around the walls inside.

Each mural tells a story of early South Dakota

Looking closely you can see the individual corn (on the cob) that
create the murals.

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