Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Winter in Tennessee

Christmas and winter in Tennessee has been COLD this year, colder than normal and past years. We have had about five days at 5 degrees and many more at 10 to 15 degrees. Our motor home has been fine on the inside at these low outdoor temperatures. Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are decorated starting in November and will last through February. They call this Winterfest to keep the tourists coming in. The crowds have dropped off during the week but the weekends are still busy.

We have made some driving trips in the mountains but some roads are closed. The latest trip was across the mountains between Crosby TN and the North Carolina state line. Here are a few photos.

Winter on the road to Newfound Gap.

It was cold on this drive back to Gatlinburg.

View looking out the window from our motor home at 5 degrees.
The resort is almost empty during January and February.

Gatlinburg has Moonshine if you need it.

A covered bridge east of Sevierville.

This road starts at Cosby TN. This is TN 32 going up the hill to the
North Carolina state line. The views are great on this 16 mile hill, all uphill.

View to the East.

There are a few houses in the valley.

Selfie at the big trail where it crosses TN 32 at the peak of
the hill and the North Carolina state line.

TN 32 as we cross the state line into North Carolina.
Pavement ends at the state line.
Lots of mud from the warmer temperatures.

The sign we saw as we came to Sterling NC.

Campsite sign at Big Creek Campground. Looks like bear country.

The store at Sterling NC. There is a car along the road.
The dirt road we traveled to Big Creek Campground is to the left.

Sterling NC, car by the road. It probably does not run.
Something is in the car....

Heading back to Sevierville.