Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Alone in the Park

 We are still at Versailles State Park, all alone in the 5500 acres except for the winter employees. We are staying later this year to be here for Thanksgiving which has turned into Christmas and medical tests that I have scheduled. If all goes as planned we will head to Tennessee a few days before Christmas. So far the weather has not been real cold but we easily stay warm. We hope it does not snow again, at least where it sticks to the roads and stays for a while. It did snow four inches in November but it melted in a couple days. I won't drive on snow and salt covered roads. That would rust the underside of the motor home so we will stay put longer if the roads are salted.

Alone in Campground A with squirrels, wood peckers, crows and deer.

Campground B & C are closed for the winter.

Campground C will have a new shower house by spring. Demo coming soon.

We purchased new truck size Toyo tires 22.5" wheels. These are the old Michelin tires. These weigh about 120 pounds each. They look good but should be replaced every seven years because they sit too much and end up with dry rot. These sold quickly for farm use and we recovered some of the cost for the new tires.

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