Friday, March 30, 2018

Falling Down on the Job

This week's blog is short since I am typing and mousing with my left hand. Falling down last Thursday on a ceramic tile floor caused right leg pain and cracked right wrist bones. I get to wear this nice cast for four weeks then a recheck by the orthopedics doctor. They don't have white casts now, only red, yellow, green, blue and black. The park is also short two couples, one was scheduled to leave tomorrow and another suddenly sold their 5th wheel. That leaves one couple plus Mary and half of me. I will try to work one armed when the pain in my right leg gets better. The weather is warming up but it rains almost daily.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Spring Tire Safety & TPMS

Spring means RV travel season is here. I see many people driving with obviously low tire pressure on their cars. I see many RVs leaving the park without checking tire pressure. It's difficult to see low pressure on the large motorhome tires so you need to gauge them. Also check pressure because outdoor temperature affects tire pressure. Pressure drops in cold weather so you will need to add some aire in the winter months. Tire "thumping" is a ridiculous way to tell if they need air! Use a tire gauge.

I am a firm believer in TPMS systems. That is, tire pressure monitoring systems. These are included on most newer cars and SUVs but not on motorhomes and other RVs. There are several companies that make these aftermarket TPMS systems. I have no preference as to which brand you purchase. I just purchased my second set since they work with my new TOAD brake. You can quickly see your tire pressures without gauging every tire. They also warn of low pressure, high temperatures and sudden loss of pressure. Money well spent to prevent a blowout that will cost plenty of money or much worse.

You may be the most careful driver ever known but your tires are between your vehicle and the road. A failure can be deadly so I thought these videos might be a good idea to share on our blog. I watched these many years ago and have never forgotten how important your tires are. These videos have been seen around various tire safety sites. Michelin has produced these and apply not only to motorhomes but also all other types of RV's and even your personal vehicles. Tires are all the same except motorhome tires are just larger like tires on 18 wheelers.

The first one can save your life if you have a blow out. 
Watch and remember what you learn from this Michelin video.

Tire pressure is most important in all vehicles. Low pressures will destroy your tires and makes blowouts likely. This video has more information about weighing and tire care.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Almost Spring

We are still at Two Rivers Landing until April 30th. It looks like Spring in Tennessee. The last two weeks have been in the high 60 degree range and sunny between rain showers. This week the temperatures are going below freezing again with daytime highs in the 40 degree range. The trees have already bloomed and leaves are starting to come out. The freezing will mess that up. These photos were taken between February 28 and March 5th.

Looking out our motor home window. Business is picking up again.
Most of my outdoor winter work is finished.

Bradford Pear trees are everywhere and in full bloom.

The following photos are from a drive around the mountains on February 28th.

Tellico Plains on the west side of the mountains.

We located a Ranger Station near a forest road. They had good maps of
all the mountain and forest roads. These photos are from a forest road, not traveled by many people. Almost no traffic, probably not visited by most tourists.

At the North Carolina state line.

The hills are steep.

We are in North Carolina.

The drive back to Robbinsville was longer than we thought. It was getting late in the day.

Cherokee was the next stop, still 10 miles and daylight was going to end soon.

Cherokee. Most people have probably seen this sign. It was just about dark at 6:45 pm.

Elk on highway 441 near the south visitor center. There were many of them in the fields and along the road. They come out at dusk. Our last photo because it was dark. The drive through the Smokies was definitely all dark, the sun was down,