Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Leaving Tennessee

After six months at Two Rivers Landing RV Resort, we left this morning and arrived at Versailles State Park in Indiana. We will be staying in several parks in the Indiana/Ohio area until November. Next winter we will do more traveling. Our work camper days are over after two winters at Two Rivers Landing.

Spring has arrived and RV's are coming in.

The Crepe Myrtles are growing again after we cut them all off.

John Smith washed our entire motor home yesterday. The pollen in Tennessee is really thick, making our black car look almost yellow. I usually was the motor home myself but decided to pay the expert. The roof was really full of the sticky pollen.

I finally took a photo of Dolly's statue in Sevierville. She grew up not far from town.

We hate to leave these mountain views but we will return.

Just before leaving we talked Don Little, the manager, into a photo.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Spring in Tennessee

We are finishing up our stay in Tennessee, heading to Indiana on May 1st. The weather here has been milder than last winter but it has rained about four days out of seven since February. My outdoor work has been interrupted many times due to the rain. The coldest temperature was 14 for two days, otherwise the lows have been about 22 and highs about 45, near normal. We have been here for two winters and this will be our last. We plan to move farther south next winter, traveling in probably Georgia, Alabama and maybe Texas.

Four of us pruned about 120 Crepe Myrtle trees in the park.
This is what they look like in the winter after flowers are gone.

Crepe Myrtles ready for Spring.

Pine straw is used all around the park. We spread about 1350 bales

The boss ordered a few too many so here is 150 waiting for use later.

Our 15 year old cat is still happy in our motor home. 

This is how you get a wash and wax, available from a mobile vendor. 
He is in the park every week but I still do my own.

The Knoxville Bass tournament was held in March. For you fisherman, you might recognize Gary Yamamoto. I did not take a photo of his trailer that had
a pickup truck with an overhead deck holding his large bass boat. People at the tournament actually make a living by fishing. What did I do wrong??

Clingsman Dome opened again April 1st. We drove to the parking lot
but did not walk the steep path to the overlook.

Many of the trees died off a few years ago from disease but they have come back.

Too steep and too tired to take the path. It's quite a walk if you have not tried it.

The new portion of the Foothills Parkway opened this winter. It has been planned
for and worked on for over 20 years. The Park finally obtained funding to finish it.

There are several bridges constructed across sides of the mountain.This is one of them. These were expensive, difficult to build and funding was the holdup for many years.

Looking down into Townsend from the parkway.

Lots of nice expensive stone walls, typical in the park.
At least they build it to last many years.

The last view before the east end, looking down into Wears Valley.

This is a Chubby Burger. I probably should not eat this but I did make two meals
 from it minus the bun since I can't eat gluten. 

Friday, December 21, 2018

Snow in the Smokies

The snow last week happened in the mountains and east of us. We did not see any snow so we decided to take a drive to look for it. The Park Service closes the road through the mountains when it snows. They do use snow plows but no salt.  The snow started at 3000 feet and increased at higher elevations. The road opened on Monday. 

Tree cutting crew and snow at 3000 feet elevation.

Going up, roads were clear.

Clingmans Dome is closed for the winter.

Newfound Gap.

Heading back to Sevierville.

Our Tuesday drive took us on to Cherokee, North Carolina.

View from the North Carolina side near Newfound Pass.

Elk gather in the fields by the Visitor Center on the Cherokee side of the mountains.

Harrah's Casino at Cherokee. It's not really leaning but I guess my camera was.
This casino is on the Cherokee Reservation.
On Wednesday, we drove to the Pisgah National Forest and the small town called Hot Springs. We followed US 25 along the French Broad River. 

Pisgah National Forest at an overlook. This road 290 was about 5000 feet elevation, very narrow and had many curves.

Most of the houses along the road were abandoned but some were still occupied.

There was no flat land, hardly room to grow a garden.

We drove south and came back through Cherokee and the mountains again.
The sun was down but a slow shutter worked for this photo.

It was dark by the time we reached Gatlinburg.
A night view from an overlook on the bypass road.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Smoky Mountain Opry

One of our benefits from working at Two Rivers Landing are free tickets to most of the shows in Pigeon Forge. We went to the Smoky Mountain Opry Christmas Show with our friends from Mississippi, Billy Joe and Fran. 
This was a first class show. Here are a few photos.

Chris Blue from Knoxville won Season 12 of NBC's reality singing competition The Voice.
He is currently working here at the Opry in Pigeon Forge.

Everyone must change costumes many times during the 2 1/2 hour show.
The final was the Manger Scene complete with live animals and flying angles.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Tennessee for the Winter

Once again, we are in Tennessee for the winter season, November through April. We are at Two Rivers RV Resort in Sevierville, same as last winter. I will post a few times on the blog this winter but we are sitting still until April. Christmas lights are already up and lighted. If  anyone comes to the Smokey Mountains, looks us up. We are two blocks behind the Smokey Mountain Knife Works on Route 66.

The colors are still here on November 8th.

We are on site 53 same as last year.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Red Bay Alabama

Once again we are in Red Bay, Alabama for annual motor home service. We have been in Indiana and Cincinnati for the last month. We will be heading to Sevierville Tennessee on Saturday for our six month work camper job at Two Rivers RV Resort.

I apparently have a case of Pleurisy, making it hard and painful to breathe. Local doctor Jim Naber has checked me out and so far that seems to be the problem. Jim and his son Steve (he is a medical student now), operate the RV park we are staying in. We see Jim's parents, Bill and Linda Naber, every day. They keep an eye on the RV park and are the nicest southern people we know. We always like to visit with them.

Weather here has been nice except for the rain we drove through on our way here last week. Then this morning at 5:00 am, we left in a hurry for the Methodist Church basement two blocks away. One more tornado Warning for the year. Nothing happened although the Weather Service said Red Bay was going to get hit. Too much excitement for early morning.

I always take a few photos when we come to Red Bay.

Old oak tree by the Downtown RV park. Bill Naber has lived here all his life
and grew up in a house where the building is now located. I asked Bill about
the tree and he knew his father planted it in 1911. Bill and Linda owned
 a business on the property where the RV park is now located.
RV Service Center check in. Parts store is to the right side.

An old motel has been purchased by Tiffin and torn down.
Their parts store will be located here by the next time we arrive at Red Bay.

There are about 120 RV hookups at the Service Center.
We always stay at the Downtown RV Park about one mile away.

The Service Center has about 55 service bays.

This is our 2016 Tiffin Phaeton in a service bay. Our chassis service is
done by Bay Diesel at another location. Bay Diesel is a
Freightliner Service Center.

Just a few of the motor homes being serviced.
One of two new RV parks located on the road behind the Service Center.
All RV parks are usually full since most owners do not trust their dealers to
work on their expensive motor homes.

The second new park next to the one shown above.

Next to the new parks spaces, anew body shop has appeared. There are several
good repair facilities in the area, many owned by former Tiffin
employees with plenty of experience.