Sunday, February 27, 2022

February 2022

We came back to Tennessee after our Freightliner service in Red Bay Alabama. The weather has been cold and warm, typical Tennessee weather. On March 1st, we head to Indian Springs Campground at the Indiana/Ohio state line. Diesel fuel here is $3.69 and going up. Our Freightliner with the Cummins engine averages 8 miles per gallon so fuel is a big cost if we travel a lot of miles. We will be stationary most of the summer, being camp hosts at Versailles State Park starting April 1st. We applied for the host position two years ago so this is good timing with the high fuel prices.

It will soon take all body parts.

Two Rivers Landing is a favorite place.
Spring and summer rates double so we are leaving February 28th.

We always make good friends at Two Rivers. Bruce and Lois are work campers
this winter and are great people. We hope to see them again next winter. 

I saw a tv show about Mountain Dulcimers and a man in Townsend that
sells and makes them. I decided to buy one and learn to play it.
They are a string instrument and I need a lot of practice.

Two Rivers garage burned down in November.
The new garage is being constructed.

Versailles State Park C Area Host Campsite. We will be there April 1st.

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