Saturday, November 16, 2019

Wright-Patterson AFB [Day 1 Building Four]

I decided to break my photos into separate posts. These are from Building Four where the Presidential, Global Reach and Research and Development displays are located. There is so much to see!

We will visit Building Two and Three next week. I saw a B-52 and Drones as we walked past the Cold War and Southeast Asia displays. We will see those next week.

These are Global Reach in Building Four

Large cargo and additional web seats on the sides.

Troop seats forward of the cargo area.

These are Presidential Airplanes in Building Four
FDR, my favorite President. We are very fortunate he was president during WWII.
We hope to go Hyde Park NY to see his Presidential Library sometime soon. Read more at Franklin D Roosevelt Presidential Library and_Museum

You can walk through Roosevelt's Sacred Cow. He flew to the Yalta Conference in Crimea prior to his death. This is the only time he flew overseas.
His other famous trips were by battleships. Read about the Yalta Conference at

FDR's "office" in the Sacred Cow.

Smaller Jets that presidents flew in on shorter trips.

He named the airplane the Independence since he was from Independence Missouri.

Cockpits were tight spaces.

Navigation equipment. LORAN uses the oscilloscopes.

This plane was first used by Kennedy. He was returned to Washington after the assassination in Dallas. The famous photo of LBJ being sworn in by Jackie Kennedy was aboard this plane. Read more at

The first Air Force One. It is similar to the commercial Boeing 707.

More modern communications and special equipment are in Air Force One.

You can see the cut in the wall that was made to make room for Kennedy's casket.

These are Research and Development
in Building Four

 Many of these were produced once or just a few times. Most were designed for extreme altitude, supersonic speed and stealth operation.

Valkyrie XB-70A. This is huge and long, here is the cockpit.

Valkyrie XB-70A. Here is the center where engine intake is located.

Valkyrie XB-70A. Here is the tail end with six engines.

Remember UFO's. Here are some that could have been mistaken for them.

Read more at Avro Canada VZ-9AV Avrocar

This one is a real Canadian UFO!

The XF-85 was designed to be dropped from a large airplane then
powered up for supersonic testing.
There is a section on rockets and a mockup of the Shuttle.
This is an actual Shuttle Trainer used by astronauts.