Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving in Tennessee 2020

 We left Rising Sun Indiana on November 18th and now we are at Two Rivers Landing RV Resort in Sevierville Tennessee. We are also working three half days to fill in for people that have not arrived for the winter months. We stay at no cost and we have the best site in the park. We will be here until January 11 then head south to Tiffin in Red Bay Alabama for a few service items. Then on to two Corp of Engineer parks at Montgomery and Demopolis Alabama. No exact plans from there. There are plenty of people here in Sevierville and Pigeon Forge with no obvious restrictions due to Covid-19. Many people are wearing face coverings but many are not. Restaurants seem to be open and crowded. We choose not to be with them. 

Our view out the side window at breakfast. Temperature in the 60's.
Some trees still have colorful leaves.

Our view of the French Broad River out the front window.

Sunsets change every evening.

Another sunset with somebody fishing next door to us.

Working on fall leaves. There are about 40 silver maple trees at the resort.

Work done for the day.

Mary working on Thanksgiving dinner for two.

Our 16 year old cat. She has kidney disease but still doing well.

Thanksgiving dinner in the motor home on our fine china.

A morning view of the river.
A few more nice days this weekend but turning cold next week.