Saturday, November 12, 2022

Versailles Host Again

 We are again at Versailles State Park. The Campground A host had to leave early and the park manager called us to fill in for the last few weeks. We were in the area so here we are again. Halloween was held two weekends so everyone had a chance to get their candy. We will be at Versailles until Thanksgiving. The water is shut off the first week of November but we have a full fresh water tank that will last for a while. The next week or more will be at Indian Springs by the state line, not my favorite place but the water is on all winter. It's a shorter drive to Mercy Fairfield for my stress test and the list of doctors I need to see.

It's time for new tires on our motorhome and that big expense is planned for next week. Our original tires are Michelin and are seven years old so time for new tires. The new tires will be Toyo, less expensive than Michelin and very well rated. Less expensive is still not cheap! 

When we are finally finished with various doctors, we plan to head to Sevierville Tennessee then Gulf Shore Alabama, returning in March to be camp host again at Versailles State Park.

Campground A host site, living in a state park. Our yard is 5500 acres.
We arrived October 14 and leave November 27.

We decorated some for Halloween and handed out candy. 

Camp A was constructed in the 1930's by the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC),
 created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the depression.

A normal fall morning in the campground.

November 12, a surprise for a fall morning in the campground.
There are about 18 camping here in the 4 inch snow.

Park employees plowed the streets.

This would make a big Christmas tree.


  1. Must be different but beautiful to be there in the snow! Good luck with your medical issues! If you're up to lunch, text us!
    Take care!
    Jim and Betsey

  2. Love the Indiana weather, 76degrees 2 days ago and today snow. Love Indiana.
    Where are you guys staying at in Gulf Shores? We love Gulf Shores