Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving in Tennessee

Happy Thanksgiving from Tennessee! We are still in Tennessee at Two Rivers Landing. We will be here until April 30, 2018. Our work duties are easy and are four hours for three days a week. We are off work Sunday through Wednesday and work Thursday through Saturday. It's getting colder but so far the low has been 27. Daytime we have mid to upper 50's. The trees are almost bare so it is looking like winter. Thanksgiving dinner here is being shared with the other three work campers so this will be different than Thanksgiving with family. We are planning a trip to Indiana later in December to visit for Christmas if the weather cooperates. Here are a few fall photos of the RV resort.

Office and Clubhouse.

The flowering trees are Crepe Myrtles.
We have to trim about 100 of these in January.

Trees are starting to go.

Lots of color here in the resort.

Trees are getting bare.
Steve and Lisa Munsey were here a few days.
Their motorhome was ours for four years until we
purchased our 40 foot diesel Phaeton last year. 

Our vehicles are clean and Rejex has been applied to all paint.
Rejex says "nothing sticks but the shine". I believe it.