Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Jeep Broken in North Carolina

We picked up our front windshield sun screen Tuesday morning in Mocksville, NC. We hooked up the Cherokee to leave and things went wrong. The rear wheels were locked up, the electric steering did not work right and the engine would not run more than three seconds. Error codes show power steering issues. This is similar to what happened  two months ago. This story could take pages to explain but this is the short version. It took another rollback trip. It's at a dealer in Salisbury, NC, waiting for we don't know how many days to be looked at. 

We are at the Cross Winds Family RV Campground near Lexington, NC where we will be waiting until who knows when. Our trip to Hilton Head and then Florida will continue when we get the Cherokee back from the dealer.

Here it goes again.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Freightliner Service

Our chassis is due for it's first oil change, all 7 gallons of it plus other items. Cost is much greater than an oil change for your car! We are at the factory service center in Gaffney, South Carolina for an 8:00 am appointment Monday morning. This will be an annual event since service is required once a year unless we exceed 12,000 miles (probably not). There are RV hookups so we arrived Sunday afternoon. The building only has three service bays so it's not as large as I expected. Everyone says this is the best place for service but we could go to any Freightliner center in the country. We move on into North Carolina tomorrow for one day after our service is completed.

Heading south on I-40 through North Carolina.
This I-40 tunnel looked a bit close but we made it with no scrapes.
Parked in the lot for the night.
Back side of the service building.
They have an 18 wheeler for show and tell events.
If the service is good enough for Richard Petty's bus, it's good enough for us.
This passenger bus is parked next to us in the lot.
We had an interesting tour of the Freightliner Factory in Gaffney while waiting for our service work. They would NOT allow photos in the plant.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

TOO Cold - Heading South

After two weeks, we left Winton Woods today, heading south. Steve and Lisa Muncey were across the driveway from us and are staying until Monday. We have one night stays at Raccoon Valley, TN, Gaffney, SC, Mocksville, NC, and Columbia, SC. Following that, two nights at Hilton Head then on to Florida. 

Way too cold so south we go
More to follow as the week progresses.......

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Raccoon Valley Music

We have been at the Escapees Raccoon Valley RV Park, Heiskell Tennessee, for the past week. The park is just off I-75 about 15 miles north of Knoxville. We will be heading to Winton Woods Park in Cincinnati on Sunday. During our stay, the park has local music talent in on Thursday night. They were all retirees that just like to play when they can. They were actually good with some off key singing but we enjoyed the two hours. Here are some photos.

Monday, November 7, 2016

ReJex and Fall in Tennessee

The tree leaves in Tennessee are hanging on. It's very dry and forest fires are going in several places. The trees that did loose their leaves were dried up brown with not many colors. We are still in Tennessee for another week. The traffic was crowded as usual so you need to be patient. Driving into the mountains last week was almost impossible.

Our friends Steve and Lisa purchased our prior Tiffin motor home. They stayed at Cades Cove last week so we did get to visit with them one afternoon. Steve has added an DC to AC inverter to the motor home, quite a job which he did successfully. It was a clean install, what I would expect from Steve. We did not have an inverter when we owned it since we did not dry camp. In Cades Cove, there is no electric, water or sewer connections and generators are only allowed a few hours to recharge your batteries.

I was busy for 6 days last week, washing and applying Rejex to the motor home.
Rejex is the best polymer paint sealer I have every used. It's not wax, not even close. It lasts at least a full year. It's applied as a paste/liquid, like a liquid wax, drys quickly and wipes off easily. It does not clean anything from the surface so your paint must be clean of all bugs and tar. If you have applied wax prior to ReJex, you must wash and scrub the paint with Dawn dish soap first to get the wax off. Better yet, start using Rejex as soon as you get that new vehicle, of course wait at least 60 days from manufacturing date so the paint is cured. A 12 ounce bottle will do two cars. A 16 ounce bottle will do the motor home. You won't find it in local stores so search Google and you will find several places to order it.

Our location for the last month at River Plantation in Sevierville. Rejex is complete except the roof. That will be completed in a couple weeks. Too much dust here from a rock quarry about a half mile away. Our vehicles get the Reject treatment every year in the fall.
The Apple Barn is a required stop for dinner and stuff you probably don't really need.
New to us, we had lunch at Paula Dean's resturant at the "Island" in Pigeon Forge.
Our friends Barry and Donna from French Lick visited us for a few days. We have been friends for about 35 years, meeting when we were in the Indiana Volunteer Fireman's Association.
This was across the street from Pauls Dean's in case you needed some liquid after lunch.
This is in the center of the Island, across from Pauls Dean's.
It's called the Dancing Fountain, complete with music.