Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Jeep Broken in North Carolina

We picked up our front windshield sun screen Tuesday morning in Mocksville, NC. We hooked up the Cherokee to leave and things went wrong. The rear wheels were locked up, the electric steering did not work right and the engine would not run more than three seconds. Error codes show power steering issues. This is similar to what happened  two months ago. This story could take pages to explain but this is the short version. It took another rollback trip. It's at a dealer in Salisbury, NC, waiting for we don't know how many days to be looked at. 

We are at the Cross Winds Family RV Campground near Lexington, NC where we will be waiting until who knows when. Our trip to Hilton Head and then Florida will continue when we get the Cherokee back from the dealer.

Here it goes again.

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