Sunday, November 27, 2016

Freightliner Service

Our chassis is due for it's first oil change, all 7 gallons of it plus other items. Cost is much greater than an oil change for your car! We are at the factory service center in Gaffney, South Carolina for an 8:00 am appointment Monday morning. This will be an annual event since service is required once a year unless we exceed 12,000 miles (probably not). There are RV hookups so we arrived Sunday afternoon. The building only has three service bays so it's not as large as I expected. Everyone says this is the best place for service but we could go to any Freightliner center in the country. We move on into North Carolina tomorrow for one day after our service is completed.

Heading south on I-40 through North Carolina.
This I-40 tunnel looked a bit close but we made it with no scrapes.
Parked in the lot for the night.
Back side of the service building.
They have an 18 wheeler for show and tell events.
If the service is good enough for Richard Petty's bus, it's good enough for us.
This passenger bus is parked next to us in the lot.
We had an interesting tour of the Freightliner Factory in Gaffney while waiting for our service work. They would NOT allow photos in the plant.

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