Thursday, May 21, 2020

Leaving Tennessee for Indiana

After staying sixty days, we headed north on Tuesday to stay with friends near Sunman Indiana. Following that we will hopefully find some state and private campgrounds in the area that open again in June. We did not intend to work at the resort but when we arrived one of the winter workers left early so the manager asked us to fill in. We know what to do since we worked there for two winter seasons. That was a good deal because we stay for free, a $1280.00 savings per month. We did not leave the resort very often, getting grocery orders at Walmart and Kroger using the online order and pickup to avoid going in the stores. Tennessee has opened some businesses so Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg were instantly full of people. Here are a few photos of our stay at Two Rivers RV Resort. 

We drove the Tail of the Dragon the last weekend before leaving. We drove over the mountain to Cherokee NC then around the south side of the Smokies where the Dragon is located. Plenty of  motorcycle riders were also on the road. The photo takers get your picture as you pass and sell your photos on the internet.
I couldn't resist so I paid $6.00 for this one.
Our free site for 60 days. Lots of rain but almost warm some days.
Tree pollen is thick and our Jeep was part yellow every morning.

Windshield view. We stay in the back row since it's free.
The resort was open but almost empty for most of our 60 days.

Usually nice sunsets when it's not raining.

Front of the clubhouse where we sit if the weather is good.

This last weekend before we pulled out, the resort was almost full.
Everyone wanted to come out for the first time.