Sunday, July 17, 2016

Winton Woods, Jeep Cherokee, Follow the River

We have been in Indiana since we left Tennessee, staying at the Versailles and Brookville State Parks. Last week we stayed in Winton Woods, a very nice Hamilton County Ohio park. The rate for full hookup is less than the Indiana state parks like Brookville. 

We could not stay the weekend at Winton Woods since all sites were booked so Steve Muncey invited us to stay in the Mobilcomm parking lot Friday and Saturday. Thanks Steve. I worked there for 42.54 years and it's about two miles from Winton Woods. We ran our generator to stay cool during the two days and used some diesel but otherwise no other expense. The only excitement was the local police banging on our door about 11:15 pm Saturday night, probably thinking were were drug dealers or something. I think there were three police cars surrounding us so we must have looked like very bad people. I talked my way out of a trip to jail and they left.

On Friday we met John and Bev Durkin for dinner at Cracker Barrel and had a good time discussing old times where we both worked. John loves to play golf and Bev just enjoys being retired. On Saturday evening we had company at the motorhome and again had a nice dinner at Cracker Barrel with Dan and Carolyn Roark. We met them at Versailles two years ago and have been friends since. They have a large 5th wheel RV so we always have plenty of RV things to talk about. Sorry, no photos of them, I was not thinking of that at the time.

Saturday morning we drove to Batesville Chrysler Dodge Jeep to pick up our new Jeep Cherokee. We have the trusty old Jeep Wrangler sold in Lawrenceburg. The Cherokee purchase was debated for months but we could not find another vehicle that met our requirements such as 4 wheel drive, off road capability, towing all wheels on the ground and a more comfortable ride. We have known our salesman Paul Hildebrand for many years and knew he would give us a straight deal, which he did. Thanks Paul, we really like the Cherokee.

The only photo taken in Winton Woods was at sunset. It's a bit dark but our motor home is on the other side of the pine trees. We love the tall pine trees behind the main campground, just don't want to park under them and get a pine sap bath. The air is filled with pine scent.
Our weekend stay was at Mobilcomm. Steve Muncey had an area blocked off in the parking lot when we arrived Friday afternoon. Steve knows how to welcome us!
No utility hookups but a nice place to park. Our diesel generator kept everything powered up during the day. We ran on battery power at night since we did not need the AC after the sun went down.
The 2004 Wrangler and our new 2016 75th Anniversary Cherokee. The Cherokee has enough features that it can almost drive itself. It will take a few weeks to figure it all out. My cell phone can now do a lot of things and I get reports by email for things like service due, fault codes (hope I don't see any) and it can locate it by GPS. No one should steal this one. The Wrangler just had ignition keys to start it, a transmission and an engine. I really did like the Wrangler but it had to go to a new owner.
Here we are Sunday afternoon at Follow the River about one mile south of Markland Dam and about six miles from Vevay Indiana. Belterra Casino is about three miles north. We will not be going to the casino! This is a very nice RV park. We will be staying here for almost six weeks.