Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Roof Maintenance

Motorhomes need some maintenance too. I don't like climbing onto the roof but I still do it. This work took three trips to get it all done. This weekend was much cooler and lower humidity so it was time to do it all. I cleaned all three air conditioners, scrubbed the roof, and finally waxed all 40 feet of the roof. My third trip up was needed to reseal the plumbing vent that had some cracked sealant. I also waxed the exterior. I was very tired by Sunday evening but now it's all done for the year, I hope.

I also washed and waxed the exterior, another job that wears me out.
Check out that shine 😃

I get on the roof with an extension ladder that I keep at my sister's house.

I don't use the rear ladder, I don't trust it.

Waxing the fiberglass roof took another three hours.
Check out that shine 😃

I was getting very tired. Luckily we have good shade in the late afternoon.

Slide out covers are also cleaned and checked.

Now I have to get down, my least favorite part of roof maintenance 😓
I was ready to sit in my chair.


  1. OMG! Thank God you're down and done for the year! Are you two going to Rich's Retirement Party? Wasn't sure if you were still in town.
    Take care!

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