Monday, October 30, 2023

Summer / Fall 2023

Summer is about over. We have been campground hosts at Versailles State Park in Indiana since April. We will be here until November 10th. We will make a one week trip to Red Bay Alabama in November for chassis service and a couple other items. Our full time living in the motorhome will end in November, becoming part time rv'ers. We still have our motorhome but it will be in storage for the winter, located in a secure lot about 1/2 mile from our duplex. This will be the first time it has been winterized with antifreeze. 

We are renting a duplex in Versailles so that will be our part time home along with our motorhome. The cost to buy a house has gone crazy and we decided that renting is better than buying an over priced house with all the work required. Our duplex includes lawn care and snow removal so there will not be weekly outdoor work. The monthly rent is such a bargain, we could not turn it down. Versailles is the county seat, not a large town but a nice clean town. The drive to Walmart and Kroger in larger towns is about a 25 mile trip and about 50 miles to the Cincinnati area.

March 2023 at Tiffin Motorhomes.
Bob Tiffin is the CEO of the company and greets visitors at the factory.

Christmas in July at Versailles.

Christmas in July has Santa Claus attending.

Santa Claus in summer dress. Too hot for the heavy winter suit.

Park security had horse power.

Fall has started, more color in the next week or two.

Halloween here in the park, trick or treat on two weekends.

Campers go all out for Halloween. These talked to you when you walked close to them.

We had a full moon on Saturday Oct 28.

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