Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The War by Ken Burns and Luverne Minnesota

The Ken Burns series on PBS, "The War", told the stories of four soldiers in WWII. The series was seven episodes and a great series. Quentin Aanenson was a pilot from Luverne MN. I decided to drive to Luverne on Wednesday since it was only 35 miles east of Sioux Falls. When I see a documentary or read a book about a place, I like to see it in person. Quentin died in 2008 but the museum in town featured him in a video and the displays.

Downtown Luverne. The War showed Luvernen and it looked about the 
same but with 1940's cars and trucks.

The museum.

Quentin Aanenson

German soldier.

Japanese soldier.

The good old Jeep. I like Jeeps.