Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Sioux Falls SD

 Sioux Falls is located at the southeast border of South Dakota and near the border with Minnesota.  The city is famous for it's water falls in the city. The Big Sioux River flows through the city where they have a large city park around the falls. We made that trip yesterday and the weather was great, temperature about 85 and low humidity.

The area has quartzite bedrock, the hard pink stone seen here.
Highways in the area have a pink color due to this stone used in the asphalt.

There was a large grain mill located to the right, walls still remain.
It was powered by a water driven turbine from the river water.
I am standing where the water gatehouse was located.
The supports on the ground held a large pipe
that routed water to the turbine house. You can see the
pipe entrance at the bottom of that small structure.

The water turbine powered the mill located on the hill above the turbine. 

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