Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Almost Spring

We are still at Two Rivers Landing until April 30th. It looks like Spring in Tennessee. The last two weeks have been in the high 60 degree range and sunny between rain showers. This week the temperatures are going below freezing again with daytime highs in the 40 degree range. The trees have already bloomed and leaves are starting to come out. The freezing will mess that up. These photos were taken between February 28 and March 5th.

Looking out our motor home window. Business is picking up again.
Most of my outdoor winter work is finished.

Bradford Pear trees are everywhere and in full bloom.

The following photos are from a drive around the mountains on February 28th.

Tellico Plains on the west side of the mountains.

We located a Ranger Station near a forest road. They had good maps of
all the mountain and forest roads. These photos are from a forest road, not traveled by many people. Almost no traffic, probably not visited by most tourists.

At the North Carolina state line.

The hills are steep.

We are in North Carolina.

The drive back to Robbinsville was longer than we thought. It was getting late in the day.

Cherokee was the next stop, still 10 miles and daylight was going to end soon.

Cherokee. Most people have probably seen this sign. It was just about dark at 6:45 pm.

Elk on highway 441 near the south visitor center. There were many of them in the fields and along the road. They come out at dusk. Our last photo because it was dark. The drive through the Smokies was definitely all dark, the sun was down,

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