Monday, August 2, 2021

Last Day at Yellowstone

 We took sometime to see more of the caldera area at Yellowstone, along US-191. Old Faithful is only one of many geysers, mud pots and steam vents. The  Yellowstone supervolcano last erupted about 640,000 years ago. When it did, it left behind a caldera, a landform created by the inward collapse of a volcano's peak. These links will explain it. Our next stop will be Salt Lake City, Utah.

South Entrance going north on US-191

Scenery is great, ranging from mountains, canyons and open land.

The next photos are from the Firehole Lake area, a short drive east of US-191.
The Firehole River follows US-191 on the west side of the highway.

The red stains are from algae that lives in the hot water.

Boiling water.

Calcium carbonate covers the ground around the vents.

A lot of calcium carbonate. We just missed the eruption here.

More boiling water.

There are several water falls in Yellowstone.

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