Sunday, August 1, 2021

Old Faithful and Grand Tetons

 We left early this morning to see Old Faithful before the huge crowds arrived. It was about fifty miles from are RV. The crowds did arrive but some time after we arrived so parking was easy for us. We waited about an hour in the fifty degree weather for the eruption at about 8:45 am. It's not on an exact schedule. This was apparently a short eruption, some are as long as five minutes.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Other geysers are in the background.

The growing crowd waiting, waiting, waiting.

The Lodge and there are several other buildings at Old Faithful.

The Grand Tetons are about 40 miles south on US-191. We drove as far as Colter Bay Village where we had a good view of the mountain range. The famous Jackson Hole is another 50 miles south but that was too far today. Maybe next time.... 

Jackson Lake

Colter Bay Village

The US-191 below Yellowstone is a memorial to Rockefeller since he
contributed a large sum of money to the area.

One more post is coming about our return trip to our RV.

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  1. Very cool! Had no idea Yellowstone is so huge... great pics... Thanks for sharing Old Faithful!