Thursday, August 26, 2021

Illinois and Alabama

 We left Kansas last week and went to Illinois, southeast of Springfield at the Bo Wood COE Campground. We intended to visit the Lincoln Museum and Home but did not get there. I think it may have been closed due to the virus. I had to get my every 8 week infusion of Remicade at a clinic in Springfield. That takes planning ahead a few weeks when we are traveling so I had that appointment arranged a month ago for Springfield.

When we arrived at Bo Wood, I discovered a water leak from our hot water system. I was working for a few days trying to locate the source of the leak. Yesterday, I figured out where the leaking hose was but I could not reach the hose. Today, we drove from Bo Wood straight to Red Bay, Alabama where I can have this repaired. It was a 450 mile drive through Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee and Mississippi to reach Red Bay, just across the state line from Mississippi. I don't trust other places to repair anything on our motor home so it's worth the trip to have it done correctly. Someone is stopping tomorrow morning to look at it but everyone here is very busy. I hope he can replace the hose quickly so we can head back to Indiana. The hurricane coming into the New Orleans area will push some bad weather in here by Tuesday so we would rather not be here then.

Here is some good advice.

When you think YOU can fix something, consider this!

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