Sunday, August 15, 2021

Greyhound Hall of Fame

 The Greyhound Hall of Fame is in Abilene, across the street from the Eisenhower Library. Greyhound dog racing started in the early 1900's in the United States, in the Abilene Kansas area. This Hall of Fame is for the dogs and people that were famous in the dog racing years. Today, only a few tracks left among four states, West Virginia, Arkansas, Iowa and Texas. It was popular in Florida but all tracks were closed. The racing seems similar to horse racing with tracks and grandstands looking the same. We were the only people at the Hall of Fame, except the lady at the front desk and Ginger, a retired Greyhound that lives at the Hall of Fame.

You can find information about adopting a Greyhound at this link.

Ginger greeted us at the entrance.
I had never been close to one and she was quiet and friendly.

This is the "lure" that ran ahead of the dogs on a rail.
This kept the dogs running forward as they chased the lure.

The original "mechanical lure".

This was the starting gate. The dogs were loaded into these and released all at once, just like a horse race. The lure was just ahead of them when the gates opened.

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