Saturday, August 28, 2021

Leak Fixed - Heading to Indiana

 We found a local service husband and wife team, Chad & Ashley Robinson, that replaced the leaking hose on Friday morning. Ashley folded herself into the smallest cabinet under the motorhome and was able to change the hose. I doubt anyone else could have managed to do that. Seeing her in there worried me that she could never get back out! The other way would be a major project to disassemble the plumbing panel to reach the hose. 

This was the shortest stay, three days, we ever had in Red Bay Alabama . We leave Sunday morning to drive to Indiana. This worked out great so we will not be here when the storms from hurricane IDA arrives in Red Bay by Sunday evening. Tornados are usually a threat when hurricanes strike the Alabama Gulf Coast and head north.

We always go to Red Bay when we need a repair. It's worth the drive to go to Red Bay. They have the parts and knowledge to handle anything we need. We do not go to any other RV dealers or RV repair shops.

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