Thursday, July 22, 2021

Going to the Sun Road

In the Glacier National Park, driving this road had to be done after 5:00 pm when the park gate was unmanned. This avoided to "ticket" to drive during the day. Daylight here is good until after 10:00 pm, due to being farther north of the equator. We started about 4:30 pm and finished by 9:00 pm. We decided to enter at the north entrance to avoid the crowds, not my best idea. The road was good blacktop until the blacktop stopped. The 12 miles of rough gravel road was all washboard and shook the Jeep all the way. The Jeep survived but we wondered if it would. After reaching the north entry, we made it as far as Logan Pass, the Continental Divide.  US-2 is being paved so we are planning for Sunday afternoon, if paving has halted, and NOT going through the north entrance. That way we will make it to the east side of the mountains and return on the Going to the Sun Road.

The gravel road was Forest Service property.

The video below is the gravel road.
Watch and you will see the Jeep shaking.
It was much worse than the camera shows. 

The first thing you pass on the Going to the Sun Road is Lake McDonald. 
It was formed by glaciers thousand of years ago.

The blue lake water is crystal clear.

After the lake, elevation starts to increase.
The video below is from the higher elevation, heading to Logan Pass.

Some snow remains. The road was closed until the middle of
June due to snow. Plows work for weeks to clear the road.

Water always drains from the Weeping wall.

Logan Pass is about 1/2 way to the east entrance.
That was far enough so we could return before dark.

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