Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Columbia Falls MT

 We arrived yesterday at an RV park in Columbia Falls. Today, we explored some around the area. Driving into Glacier National Park is a problem. It now requires an online ticket to go through the gate, plus your regular gate fee or a national park pass. They are limiting the number of vehicles in the park. There are 375 tickets tickets available online every morning for the next day. I tried this morning at exactly 8:00 am but all tickets were taken within 20 seconds. It looks like we have to compete with thousands of people just to enter the park. Then there is the smoke from the numerous forest fires west and south of this area. There are no fires here at this time. Visibility of the mountains is very poor. The mountains here are the new western Smokey Mountains. This may not be a great visit. 

Hungry Horse Dam is located near the park entrance. This is a large dam with constructed starting in 1948. The Hungry Horse Reservoir is 30 miles long, south of Glacier NP.

Hungry Horse Reservoir

The dam is 564 feet high. It generates electric power
at the building below the dam.

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