Monday, July 26, 2021

Going to the Sun Road again

 Yesterday we made our last trip into Glacier National Park. We drove east on US-2 which follows the south end of the park and ends up on the east side of the mountains. We went north on US-89 to the Canada border. Then we went back to St. Mary and entered the park from the east entrance. From there we drove the entire Going to the Sun Road then back to our RV at Columbia Falls. The entire trip was about 250 miles, a long day of driving the mountains. We leave Columbia Falls on Tuesday, heading east and south to Yellowstone National Park.

The Marias Pass elevation is 5,213 feet, a mountain pass in the Rocky Mountains. It is on US-2 and along the BNSF rail line. It is the lowest crossing of the Continental Divide between the Canada border and New Mexico and is open to automobile traffic year-round.

Two Medicine valley from MT-49

Cattle running across the road. Signs indicate "open range" in many areas.

Here comes the Canada border but we turned around.

This is as far north as you can go in the US.

This area is in the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.
They have their own police, laws and regulations.

A Prairie Dog greeted me while taking these photos.

Looking west from the Blackfeet sign, it almost looks like Devils Tower again.
The wildfire smoke today spoiled the view in many places.

These three videos are some of the many my dash camera captured. I have many more but these show what the drive across the Going to the Sun Road looks like. Each video is 4 minutes long. Click on the arrow twice to start the video.

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