Thursday, July 29, 2021


Things we found about Montana

We have been in Montana for two weeks. These are the things we observed in this state. We have crossed the Continental Divide two times at Glacier National Park and two times as we drove west to Glacier then back to the east on I-90 on our way to Yellowstone NP.

Lots of big mountains, elevations can be up to 9000 feet.

Average land ground elevation is usually about 3000 feet.

Smoke everywhere from forest fires.

Small casinos at every gas station, many are a mile apart.

Drivers like to drive 80 mph.

Larger cities are far apart, 80-100 miles.

Many Indian reservations in the state.

Cattle can be on roadways.

Open range means cattle can be anywhere.

Lots of vehicles pulling small flatbed trailers, most empty.

Rodeos and cowboys in many miles of flat land areas.

We did not notice the hot temperatures because the humidity is low.

Montana is the fourth largest state with 147,039 sq miles but only 1.69% of water area.

Continental Divide Elevation 6647 Feet
Logan Pass in Glacier NP

My camera did not get this photo, this is from wikipedia.
Elevation is 6329 feet. This sign is not visible from I-90.

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