Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday Day 4

Today was had less action to photograph. The work was all interior finishing. Cabinet doors, dash board, TV's, DVD and lots of inspections by the quality control people. There were about 15 different Tiffin workers running in and out all day. Here are a few photos from today.

Inspectors were inside for almost 2 hours checking everything.
Green tape is used to indicate a problem with operation or fit & finish.

The driver cockpit is now operational. There sure are plenty of switches and indicators. All this just to drive the motor home! The seat was installed after this photo was taken.
I have to drive this rig in about 4 weeks.

The residential style frig is in and working well. Cabinet work is near completion. The doors were all installed later in the afternoon. The installer said there were a total of 89 doors to install.

The TV's are all quite complex. Not just the old RG6 cable to each set. CAT-5 cables and multiple HDMI cables plug in everywhere. This is behind the front cabinet, TV mounted to the left of this.

Center TV is in and working. We watched the Santa Clause DVD staring Tim Allen (The Tool Man). The Tiffin crew had to work so they missed the movie.

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