Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday Day 5

Our motor home exited the main factory at noon. This morning was mostly interior cleanup and adding the interior doors in the bathroom and bedroom areas. After that it went for some undercoating work and front end alignment. It ready to go to the Belmont MS paint building. We followed it over there (about 4 miles). Tomorrow is paint prep day (sanding) so we will not be there for that work

Leaving the main assembly plant.
It will return to Red Bay for more work after it's great paint job at Belmont MS.
It will look like a real motor home next Wednesday. 

Additional undercoating

My first look from the bottom end. Looks a bit difficult to work on.

Good front end alignment to double check wheel tracking and toe in adjustment.

Modern alignment equipment. Much better that what I used 45 years ago as a GM mechanic.
Back then it was done with mirrors. Now it's a light beam.

Supervisor gives it the first test drive.

We rode along for our first ride in it. Here we are crossing back into Alabama.
Red Bay city limits are on the state border in Alabama.

A short trip and it's at the Belmont MS paint facility.
This is the sanding building where it will be most of the day Thursday.
We will visit later in the afternoon to check on progress so we get a day off to rest! 

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