Sunday, August 15, 2021


 We left Denver and entered Kansas on Friday, I-70 all the way. The first stop was Goodland Kansas at a KOA. We arrived at Abilene Kansas on Saturday for a three day stay. Abilene is 450 miles east of Denver and we are finally out of the smoke and air pollution. Kansas is known for storms and hail but so far the storms are staying west of our location. 

Here are a few things we observed as we drove east on I-70.

I-70 is a good road with a few rough areas that need work

Scenery along I-70 does not change 

The mountains are gone, Kansas is flat 

Corn fields start appearing as we go east

Oil wells are scattered along I-70

Hundreds of wind turbines for electric power are along I-70

Trees start appearing more as we drove east

Ground elevation slowly going down from Denver's 6000+ elevation

Abilene elevation is 1160 feet

 Click the arrow two times to start the video. This video is from the wide angle dash camera in the motorhome windshield.

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