Saturday, June 12, 2021

Our West Trip Starts

 We finally left Southeast Indiana to start our summer trip. Our first stop is Nashville TN, not exactly west, yet. We are here for the weekend then heading to Red Bay Alabama for eight days to have a coolant tank replaced on the radiator. The Freightliner shop there works mostly on motorhomes so they know the best way to replace it. The rear engine diesel can be a pain to work on. From there we will be in Little Rock Arkansas for three days, then we head straight north to South Dakota. I will have more posts as we make our way to Glacier National Park.

We fueled up here and these photos show why. Much better than Indiana! Our sixty cents off Kroger points help on the first 35 gallons of diesel. I hope it's this "cheap" when we get to the Kroger store in Little Rock.

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