Monday, June 21, 2021

Red Bay & Little Rock

 Our coolant overflow tank on our Cummins engine needed replacement due to some cracks forming in the tank. We had Bay Diesel do that work. Other than that, no other issues to be repaired in Red Bay, Alabama. We left Red Bay on Sunday and drove the 320 miles to Little Rock Arkansas. We are at the Maumell Corp of Engineers park on the Arkansas River for four days. This is a nice COE park and we had been here on a vacation trip in 2013. Our site electric power is only 30 amps (50 amps is preferred) so staying cool yesterday was a problem in the 95 degree humid weather. Today a storm just went through and cooled thing down in the 70's. 

We visited the Clinton Library on the 2013 trip. It's closed for Covid-19 and due to open July 1st. The photos below were taken in 2013. We will head to Joplin Missouri on Thursday for one night then Nebraska City for another overnight stay. We will be in South Dakota on Satarday.

Crossing the state line on I-65 South, the first thing you see is a NASA rocket standing at the rest park. Huntsville is the home of Redstone Arsenal and the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. We pass it on every trip south by I-65.

Tiffin motorhomes waiting for factory service.
This is the only place we go for service.

There are some 200 new motorhomes sitting around that need parts to
finish them. The parts shortage is a big problem for new units and for us
that may need a repair part.

Maumell COE campground on the Arkansas River.

William J. Clinton Library we visited in 2013.

Our hair color has changed since 2013. Bill was not in the oval office that day.


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