Friday, March 20, 2020

The VIRUS and Where We Are

The coronavirus has stopped about everything and that's what should be happening. Part of our planned trip this spring included Williamsburg Virginia, Third President Thomas Jefferson's Monticello home, Appomattox Civil War Battlefield and Andy Griffith's hometown Mt Airy, North Carolina. Well, after three days at Williamsburg, stores closing and the virus growing, we decided to cancel the other stops and headed to Two Rivers Landing RV Resort in Tennessee. Many RV parks, State Parks and Federal Parks have closed so our choice was limited. We can not go north to Indiana since the parks we use there have closed. We are staying in Tennessee until ???

We started in Indiana on December 1st and made all the other stops. Stop #13 was gaffney South Carolina, the Freightliner service center, for annual chassis maintenance. We made it to #15 then skipped #16 thru #20. Stop #22 is our current location. 

We were able to find many grocery items at the Aldi's store this morning. We are trying a Kroger pickup Sunday morning, if they can fill our order. We have limited space in the motorhome refrigerator so we can not stock up too much. Dry goods are in boxes and the rest can stay in the Jeep. Many people are out and traffic is almost normal but we are staying at the motorhome except groceries and a trip to the local Jeep Dealer.

Speaking of the Jeep, we were south on I-81 almost to I-40 and the right rear tire blew on the Jeep. Our tire monitoring system did not tell me so luckily a car pulled along side and started waving and pointing. If we had not stopped I assume the car would have been on fire before much longer. I don't know how far we drove before we stopped. Changing a tire on I-81 with trucks three feet away passing by at 75 mph was not much fun. Apparently the tire blew out and sheared the valve stem off which held the tire sensor so there was no alarm in the motorhome. The tires were new in November and have about 3000 miles on them, no idea why it blew out. That incident cost $1100.00 today at the Rocky Top Chrysler-Jeep Dealer about three miles from us. The damage was the ripped out wheel well liner and damaged rear bumper vinyl trim and of course tire tire. Luckily the wheel was OK or that would have been another $250.00. We have towed vehicles since 2006 and this is the first time for a blown tire. I hope it's the last time.

Luck me, it was the right rear. If it was the left, we would have called the police for help. The edge of the interstate is at the left edge of the car. There was just enough room
to pull off the pavement. That's me on the ground trying to get the small jack in place. Mary was on watch duty in case a truck or car was coming at me so I could
try to jump into the ditch.

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