Monday, March 9, 2020

Jekyll Island Georgia

We took a drive to Jekyll Island which is just east of the RV park we are in near Brunswick Georgia. It's a drive through several miles of marsh land and across a bridge onto the island. The island is about four miles long with a road around the outside of the island. There are five hundred sixty eight permanent residents on the island. The rest of the island activities are for tourists, mainly motels and beach areas. The original part of town has a few of the old homes with names like Goodyear. The island was an exclusive hunting club for families like Rockefeller, Morgan, Vanderbilt, Pulitzer, and Baker. The modern motels and large convention center are on the Atlantic side and probably very busy during the summer. There is a campground at the north end of the island, a bit too small for our forty foot motorhome. This time of year was not busy so we could see the island without the crowds.

Thi link explains more about the island.

Entry fee is $8.00 and used to maintain the island.

The bridge over the water to the island. The drive from the entrance through the marshland to the bridge is about five miles. This view is from the island.

Driving around the island.

Lots of old Live Oak trees on the island and on the mainland.

Beach access at one of the parking lots.

Plenty of beach access on the Atlantic side with lots of parking for visitors.

Too cold for swimmers, about 65 degrees with a 25 mph wind from the north.

The island has a turtle rehab lab. These dunes are protected for
the turtles laying their eggs.

The Goodyear Cottage

The Moss Cottage

Our selfie

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