Thursday, February 13, 2020

What We Have Learned About Texas

Texas in General:
Highways are smooth and free of potholes.
Roads and streets in Houston are crowded and confusing. 
Everyone drives a white pickup or white Ford Explorer.
I-10 is real busy with many lanes in both directions.
Toll roads are everywhere around larger cities.
Everybody drives at least 75 mph on all roads.

Southeast Texas:
Land is low and wet (swampland).
Creeks are called bayous.
Many oil and chemical refineries.
The water is not good.
We did not see any alligators.
Sand is everywhere and sticks to your shoes.
Houses are few and far between, lots of open land.

Texas Hill Country:
Creeks are called creeks here.
There is always a white pickup truck behind us.
The hills are about like Northern Kentucky.
Wild hogs are everywhere.
Not much cactus, one small type.
All land has a fence around it (billions of miles of Fence).
All property has a gate across the driveway.
All gates have a cattle grid to stop cattle from crossing.
Fancy gates must mean more wealth.
Most gates have the name of the ranch at the gate.
You usually can't see the ranch house from the gate.

Here comes a white pickup.

There he goes.

Here come more pickups. This is Texas Hill Country.
Many trees are green since they are Live Oaks.
This is Texas Hill Country. Plenty of bare trees and dry sandy earth. This is February so springtime should look better. Of course there is a fence behind the tree.

Gates come in all sizes from Brick to plain gates.

All driveways are sand and dirt. Must be muddy when the rain starts.
We don't see many clean vehicles.
The only cactus we have seen is Texas Prickly Pear. They say you can eat it.
Looks like the inmates may be loose in Hondo Texas.

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