Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Alamo Mission and River Walk

San Antonio has a very nice river walk and the Alamo is about 3 blocks away. The river is not wide at all. The walkways extend north and south of the main area downtown. We went to the Alamo first, arriving early this morning before the crowds appeared. We had lunch at one of the restaurants along the walkway then walked the 3/4 mile loop. You can ride a boat around but we chose to walk. The river walk has been there since starting in 1921.

The Alamo Mission that you see is actually the church that was left after the other buildings of the fort were destroyed in years following the battle at the Alamo. Photos are not permitted inside. There is a museum next door with artifacts from the time. The history is displayed on the walls. Here is a panoramic view showing it as it was and as it is today, well worth watching. Try the split screen to compare it side by side.

The back side. Cannons were on the second level in the back.

The gardens next to the mission.
The fountain has names of the commanders you might recognize.

Displays in the museum next to the mission.
The water well and huge old live oaks.

There was a second story to this section. The wall is all that's left. There is restoration work starting since the sandstone is crumbling.
We have all heard of Davy Crockett. He died during the battle.

The Alamo is actually right in the middle of downtown San Antonio.
Large modern city buildings surround the property.

The Riverwalk

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