Wednesday, September 5, 2018

West Trip Turned South

Our trip to Michigan and on west was cancelled by my kidney stones. This went on for about five weeks before deciding to cancel our big trip the end of July and return to Cincinnati. We were at the Winton Woods and FMCA campgrounds for about three weeks. Tests and procedures completed and kidney stones passed on, we decided to go south to Foley Alabama. 

Bella Terra RV Resort was a nice place while it lasted. After the first week, tropical storm Gordon was threatening the exact area we were in. It rained every day we were there and I mean hard downpours. After watching the weather reports for two days, we decided being along the Alabama coast was not a great idea. We paid for twelve days and left after six days. Bella Terra would not refund our six days. I estimated that fuel and money lost by going to Bella Terra was about $550.00. So, another trip disrupted. 

We had plans to see the USS Alabama, the Pensacola Air Museum and other places in Mobile, but the storm stopped those trips. A few photos from the GulfShore Pier on one decent day out of six: 

Hotels line the shoreline for miles in all directions.

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