Thursday, June 23, 2016

Raccoon Valley Campground

We are at Raccoon Valley Campground in Heiskel, Tennessee, about twenty miles north of Knoxville. The campground is operated by the Escapees RV Club, based in Livingston, Texas. They have several parks in the south. Members stay for 1/2 price for full hookup, a very good rate by the day, week or month. We are here for one week then we head to Indiana.

Big South Fork
Today we took a drive to Big South Fork River National Recreation Area. It was established in the 1970's west of Oneida, TN on TN 247 with 125,000 acres. Go the the web site to learn more at Take a look for your next vacation trip. The main roads are paved. The road in from Oneida has a warning: 13% grade with several switchbacks. This is not a road for RV's! We were told to enter from the west for better RV access but we have not been on the west side of the property. Part of our drive took us down a gravel road for about 7 miles. The jeep windows were all out so the interior and occupants were very dust covered. Another hour of intense cleanup when we returned to our motor home.

Checking out a cemetery for a relative of our son in law. His last name is on some headstones but these are old graves from the 1800's. Looks like more research will be needed.
We founmd maps and info for our hiking friend Steve Muncey.
The park attendant at the visitor center was very helpful.
Switchbacks were numerous and steep.
Plenty of the gravel road ended up inside our jeep.

Many hiking trails are in the 125,000 acre park.

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