Monday, June 20, 2016

Leaving Red Bay Alabama (Really)

We actually left Red Bay this morning after almost 8 weeks. We feel like regular Red Bay residents. Everything on the motor home has been checked out and a couple minor problems corrected at the factory service center. Our campground owners were very nice and we will miss their daily company. The campground is actually owned by Dr. Jim Nabors (yes Jim Nabors but not Gomer) and his son Steve. Jim is a general practice doctor in Red Bay. We did not need his services but he told us he was available if needed. Bill and Linda Nabors are Dr. Jim's parents and usually took care of the daily business. We will probably be back in Red Bay at least once annually for some service so we hope to see them again.  

Next stop was Camping World in Chattanooga Tennessee. The accessory list is growing and our wallet is shrinking. I needed two new compact ladders to clean the motor home and get up on the roof. The 7 foot folding step ladder is tall enough to reach top of the sides. The roof is 12 feet from the ground so a good extension ladder is another must have item.

Continuing north on I-75, we have stopped at a Flying J truck stop for the night. This one is at I-75 & I-40 west of Knoxville. Our first fill up of diesel fuel went well, 53 gallons in about five minutes. The nozzle is larger than a gasoline nozzle. We parked along the edge of the 187 parking slots. It's a big truck lot. Plenty of noise but we leave the AC fan on all night so exterior noise is not a problem. Our 10 KW generator will run all night for AC power so we will stay cool. Dinner at Denny's in the Flying J was good and of course the 15% senior discount was applied to the bill.

Flying-J parked for the night. Slide outs are not out due to a lot of truck traffic driving by all night. This makes it a bit cramped inside but only for the night. We are moving north of Knoxville tomorrow for 6 days at the Escapees Raccoon Valley park in Heiskel, TN. After that, back to the Versailles State Park for about 8 days during the weekend of the 4th.

Surrounded by over the road trucks. Many are running so the noise level is high.

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