Sunday, July 11, 2021

Devils Tower and a Close Encounter

Almost everyone has seen Devils Tower on TV or other video. We are staying near the base of it in a KOA campground. There is quite a crowd here and more cars coming in all day. The single National Park Service entry point has traffic backed up for maybe a mile. They need a second lane to move more cars through.

If you were born by 1970, you may have seen the famous Steven Spielberg movie call Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Alien spacecraft were flying round and people were doing crazy things. We saw it shortly after it hit the drive in movies in 1978. You can still see it on the internet. It was a great movie and part of it was filmed right here at Devils Tower since it was the focus of the movie. The campground shows the movie every night about dark next to the KOA building. We watched it last night. The campground and building were not here then, just the small NPS park entry building. I can see in the movie just about where we are located in the campground. The campground was started later with money from the use of the property. Here is more info and a link to the movie's short video.

There is a 2.5 mile path all the way around the rock ora 1.2 mile path
on the west side by the visitor center.

People climb the rock, not me. There were a few climbing
today but it was hard to see them from the ground.

Indian prayer cloths are found in several areas.

The short path, we made it to here for a better look at the rock.

The sides look like tubes of rock.

The field below the tower is full of  prairie dogs.

Watch the movie, I won't tell you what is happening here.

Aliens from the big ship.

Watch the movie! Amazon, Netflix and other sources are available.

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