Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Dakota Sunsets RV Park

 We arrived here on Saturday evening. This is a very quiet park, out in the country 45 miles west of Sioux Falls one mile from I-90. The photos below show why the park is named Dakota Sunsets. 

When I started to disconnect our Jeep Cherokee from the tow bar, it had a dead/bad battery (five years old). Jump starting did not work because the electronics in the car had lost it's mind or so it seemed. A nice neighbor took me to Mitchell for not just any battery but a $244.00 battery made for this car. No more $79.00 batteries for our car. It would still not run so on Sunday I located my cheap plugin code reader. I cleared out error codes and it finally started and seems OK again. That avoided a trip to a Jeep dealer in Mitchell.

Staying here for six days, heading to the Badlands on Friday.

This car was almost on fire (by me) when it got stupid after the dead
battery. It acted similar to this in North Carolina three years ago.
That time it went to a dealer for about eight days.
Now I know how to fix it myself.

The park is not large, it has about sixty four sites.

A regular sunset west of the park.

A storm is heading our way. It moved south of us.

Hundreds of grain cars set on a railroad siding, waiting for fall harvest.

I have never seen this fuel but South Dakota is mostly farm fields
raising grain. That is 70% ethanol on the left, 55% on the right pump.
Not in my car!

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