Monday, February 24, 2020

Texas, Cowboys, Tall Fences

We will be in Fredericksburg this week to see the National Museum of the Pacific War and Admiral Nimitz Museum. We will be leaving Texas on Saturday, heading east along the gulf coast, ending up in Georgia for a week.

We have learned a few more things here in Texas. Every mile of road has fence on both sides of the road. We found ten or twelve foot high fence on some properties, some of this fence running for miles along the road. The apparent purpose is to contain many wild animals, used for hunting. Here is a web page that explains it, not that we think it's a great idea.

Driving around, I found a few more places for photos. We have seen very few horses and cattle. Apparently the area is not good for growing feed so the wild animals have replaced the cattle business in the Hill Country area.

We saw this driving along a country road. It's all made of metal.

I can almost see the cowboys running through here, 
just like to old movies we have all seen.

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