Sunday, January 26, 2020

Wright-Patterson AFB [Day 2 Building Two and Three]

This is very late since we visited the Museum again on November 22, a week after the first visit. It's now January 26 and we are in Foley Alabama. I guess I became busy or lazy and now I will catch up. This will be the two remaining buildings combined with photos from both. Two full days there was still not enough to see everything in detail. I have many more photos but these are good examples of what you will see at the museum. I hope my Google account does not cut me off since I have so many photos.

Building Two Korean War airplanes and history.

Building Three Cold War airplanes and history.
These drones are quite large, check out the dimensions on these plaques. 
These are not the drones you may buy and fly!

The B52 is a REAL big airplane. I don't know how they managed to get it into the building. It was located sideways since the wingspan is greater than the width of the building.

This is only one wing.

I had to add some radio photos! Check out these Discone antennas.

This display contains carved wooden dogs representing many that served in war.

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