Sunday, January 26, 2020

Mobile Bay area

We drove out to Dauphin Island. Fort Morgan is on the east side. There is a ferry between the east side of the bay and the west side where the island is. The west side has large bridges to reach the island. At the entrance to Mobile Bay, 19th-century Fort Gaines features original cannons and a blacksmith shop. This is where the Battle of Mobile Bay occurred in 1864.  Migrating birds can be seen in the forest, dunes and swamp of the Audubon Bird Sanctuary. The Dauphin Island Sea Lab's Estuarium offers aquariums and a living marsh boardwalk.

We will be heading to Houston Texas on Monday to visit the Johnson Space Center.

Auto ferry coming in from Fort Morgan east side.

We drove around the east side of Mobile Bay and found the towns of Battles Wharf, Fairhope, Mountrose and Daphne. Fairhope has miles of huge homes on the Bay. The town has a pier out into the Bay and many shops and historic places.

This Pelican was people friendly. I could almost pet him.
He hangs around because people feed him fish bait.

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