Thursday, November 1, 2018

Red Bay Alabama

Once again we are in Red Bay, Alabama for annual motor home service. We have been in Indiana and Cincinnati for the last month. We will be heading to Sevierville Tennessee on Saturday for our six month work camper job at Two Rivers RV Resort.

I apparently have a case of Pleurisy, making it hard and painful to breathe. Local doctor Jim Naber has checked me out and so far that seems to be the problem. Jim and his son Steve (he is a medical student now), operate the RV park we are staying in. We see Jim's parents, Bill and Linda Naber, every day. They keep an eye on the RV park and are the nicest southern people we know. We always like to visit with them.

Weather here has been nice except for the rain we drove through on our way here last week. Then this morning at 5:00 am, we left in a hurry for the Methodist Church basement two blocks away. One more tornado Warning for the year. Nothing happened although the Weather Service said Red Bay was going to get hit. Too much excitement for early morning.

I always take a few photos when we come to Red Bay.

Old oak tree by the Downtown RV park. Bill Naber has lived here all his life
and grew up in a house where the building is now located. I asked Bill about
the tree and he knew his father planted it in 1911. Bill and Linda owned
 a business on the property where the RV park is now located.
RV Service Center check in. Parts store is to the right side.

An old motel has been purchased by Tiffin and torn down.
Their parts store will be located here by the next time we arrive at Red Bay.

There are about 120 RV hookups at the Service Center.
We always stay at the Downtown RV Park about one mile away.

The Service Center has about 55 service bays.

This is our 2016 Tiffin Phaeton in a service bay. Our chassis service is
done by Bay Diesel at another location. Bay Diesel is a
Freightliner Service Center.

Just a few of the motor homes being serviced.
One of two new RV parks located on the road behind the Service Center.
All RV parks are usually full since most owners do not trust their dealers to
work on their expensive motor homes.

The second new park next to the one shown above.

Next to the new parks spaces, anew body shop has appeared. There are several
good repair facilities in the area, many owned by former Tiffin
employees with plenty of experience.

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