Thursday, May 3, 2018

Gone from Tennessee

We left our Tennessee location on Wednesday after eight months of working at Two Rivers Landing RV Resort. We plan on returning to Two Rivers again next winter, November through April. We are now in Alabama at the Tiffin Service Center for two items. From there we will probably go to Atlanta to have a steering device called a Safe-T-Plus added to improve driving stability in windy conditions. We expect strong cross-wind this summer when we travel to South Dakota, Wyoming and other western states.  Here are a few photos of our last week at Two Rivers.

My space age arm cast replaced the original fiberglass cast.

After 5 weeks, my right arm is good as new. I sure am glad to get that cast off my arm!
High dollar rigs! Prevost had a rally at Two Rivers with 32 of these $2,000,000 
motor homes. This was a demo unit. We didn't go inside, just a bit 
out of our price range.

There were 32 of these at Two Rivers during our last full week.
Here we are lined up at the DownTown RV Park in Red Bay. We wait our turn 
and there are probably 150 motorhomes in town for service of some kind. 
We will probably be here for two weeks.

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