Thursday, December 7, 2017

Oil Change

We made a trip to Red Bay for annual service and a couple issues that we only trust the factory service to handle. We left Tennessee and Monday and returned on Saturday December 2nd. Here are a few photos of the Tiffin service center and Bay Diesel, the Freightliner shop in Red Bay.

Tiffin Service Bay 9 (there are about 50 bays) at the service center.

Jeff is working on our Aqua Hot furnace.

This is looking at the west end of the long building.

Bay Diesel ready to do the oil change and annual service. It takes 26 quarts of oil.
I was allowed in the garage and under the chassis while it was being serviced,
a good way to see details.

Air bags and air brakes. The engine is behind the axle.

Air brakes, looks complicated.

There are two fuel filters, one collects any water that might get in the fuel.

It's a short driveshaft since it is a diesel "pusher". The engine is on the left, behind the rear axle.

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