Tuesday, August 15, 2017

National New York Central Railroad

 If you like train museums, South Bend Indiana has a nice museum. We were there for about two hours. We have been to train museums in Chattanoga Tennessee and a few others. I like trains, Mary tolerates them. This museum had an old diesel electric locomotive in the yard. You can squeeze into the cab then get into the engine and see the diesels and generators up close. You are real close since there is not a lot of room. It reminded me a being in a submarine except you walked down the middle of the submarine. In the locomotive, you can walk on both sides of the engine. Working on either one would be very difficult hard work. When it was running, I bet it was HOT and very loud! 

This is an "O" gauge model railroad in the museum. This is one half of it. 
I had the smaller "HO" model railroad when I was about eight years old. 
Mine was on a 4x8 plywood panel. 
Dad set it up for me before Christmas each year.

Lots of "O" gauge locomotives and cars. They said Lionel still makes them.

This was working coal fired model train.

Tools they used for light repair. Those are hydraulic jacks on the floor.

This model is constructed entirely with toothpicks!

This is the diesel electric locomotive that I looked at on the inside.
Engineer's seat and view. I don't see any air conditioning in here.

Close, hot and noisy when it was running.

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